Latina "Tina" Wilson for
Charles County Commissioner President


My Priorities

Three focal points I will focus on


Economic Sustainability

The economic development of our county should serve the well-being of our citizens. This means increasing the overall wealth of our community for the benefit of those who live here. We must focus on commercial development and business expansion to generate the tax revenue needed to sustain services such as healthcare, fire protection, and police protection. There is currently too much dependence on residential property taxes. However, Charles County offers a tremendous amount of opportunity for business development. My administration will focus on developing niches, such as value-added agriculture, to ensure that our community can continue to meet the highest standards.



Quality of Life

Quality of life is at the core of our community, and it should be a part of every conversation regarding policy decisions. It’s about raising a family here. It’s about retiring here. It’s about living here because we feel connected as a community. We need amenities to separate us from “Anytown, USA” and make us something special. Let’s live, play, and work here with higher expectations. Opportunities for recreational, outdoor, and cultural activities must be pursued with a greater sense of urgency to make our county desirable for future generations.

Latina Wilson




It is important that we support our education system, not only because of our responsibility to nurture our future citizens but also because it is the backbone of our community and vital to our community’s interests. I fully support the Blueprint legislation of Maryland, which provides the foundation needed to elevate every child to reach their full potential, transforming Charles County into a world-class model of quality education. In my administration, education will be a priority.


On July 19th, 2022, vote for Latina "Tina" Wilson
for Charles County Commissioner President